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The Awakening at Hawes Haunted Acres

Featuring the Awakening at Hawes Gulch

The Story

In 1863, during the height of the American Civil War, Ezra Duval came to work at the new Hawes farm and homestead in Anderson, California. Unbeknownst to the Hawes family, Ezra was hiding a dark and terrifying past — of abduction and torture.

Soon his crimes would catch up with him. He was brought before a local judge and sentenced to execution. In rage, he swore revenge on anyone who stepped within his reach and snarled that he would return with a legion of un-dead followers … sometime in the future.

Ezra was  put to death and is said to be buried here on Historic Hawes Farm in the area of Hawes Gulch.  Rumor is spreading that the recent Civil War Re-enactments have awakened old Ezra. He has begun to form an army of foul and horrific creatures, sending them out strike fear into the hearts of Northern California residents … victims who being transformed into hideous creatures under Ezra’s evil and black-hearted direction.

• • • Portal of Terror

Hawes Gulch is a portal of terror this Fall. Embark on a journey of shock and horror as you move through the Gulch and into these dark events. Enter a black vortex, see the long crackling … wait! We cannot tell more or it would ruin the excitement.

• • • The Harvest Corn Maze

Trudge out into the blackness. down rows of rustling stalks of corn. Steel yourself for crusty hands that may reach out for you from the graves reported to be here. Can you hear Ezra coming? He can hear you.

• • • Sinister Workshop

Something inhabits the dark and dangerous Work Shop. You can tell by the shrieks and howls. The most macabre sounds and evil smells come from it’s walls, day and night. The windows are boarded up … dare you go in?

• • • Zombie Paintball

Always a favorite Fall Attraction at HawesHaunts. A ticket for the Paintball Hayride is included with your HawesHaunts admission, but to board — you must purchase paintballs! (Absolutely no outside paintballs allowed.)



 • Haunted Pass
Includes four attractions named here (Friday or Saturday nights): $20.00
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 • Haunted VIP Pass
This pass takes you to the front of the line either night: $40.00
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A Haunted Pass gives you access to the farm for any attractions listed with the Weekend Farm Fun Pass, including the Saturday nights Concert in the Country.

Remember that you must purchase paintballs for the Zombie Paintball Hayride. No outside paintballs allowed.
50 for $10 | 100 for $15 | 150 for $20 | 200 for $25